Friday, 4 November 2011

Where's Spot by Eric Hill

This is a recapping post because Where's Spot was for a long time our 'let's establish a bedtime routine book'. It has the right amount of narrative and novelty for a young baby to keep entertained and interested.

We read it every night before putting Rosie to bed from when she was around 6 months. At first we read my silver anniversary edition which is signed 'To Ruth from Eric Hill' but then the little blighter started to pull at the flaps. So we ordered a board book version and she pulled the flaps off that.

There's a lot that's clever about this book, it's a game of hide and seek - all children can relate to that. It has flaps to find the various characters. The text reads well and the little asides from the animals are fun to do in silly voices.

Once she was more interested in different books and could understand stories more we started to read other books as well but since we've read Where's Spot so many times it feels very special. It was the beginning of our reading adventures in a way!

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