Friday, 11 November 2011

The Gruffalo Magnet Book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

This might seem a bit strange, posting a blog about The Gruffalo Magnet book rather than the actual storybook. It's partly because it has seemed to be the most popular storybook in the UK for the past years so I don't think there is any need for me to tell you how good it is! But it's also because Rosie really loves the magnet book.

Now before I continue I am aware that it has an age warning on the back about not being suitable for under 36 months. This is due to the small magnets that they're worried children might swallow. But Rosie uses this book with me and when I am in the room with her. It's the same thing with sticker books, they all have age warnings on but we use them all the time, not necessarily putting the stickers where they should go, but she just loves using them and has done for the last eight months.

The Gruffalo Magnet book has just eight pages and several activities, including a noughts and crosses style game, a quiz and a 'make your own' monster activity as well as several scenes where the child can add various characters and different insects, animals and foliage. The scenes are the bits that Rosie loves since she can move the Gruffalo around and the mouse and I guess it kind of comes alive for her. All I know is that she can sit with it for a good ten minutes totally absorbed! You also get a mini Gruffalo book in the front of the case perfect if you don't have it already or want a handy handbag sized one. Ok, changing-bag sized, not everyone carries kids books around in their handbags!

It makes you realise how good Axel Scheffler's artwork is and the detail he puts in. Julia Donaldson's lovely text is also echoed throughout with key phrases on each page. All in all it's really good fun! Another lovely Gruffalo related thing is the film, it's got an all-star cast and is just brilliant, although a tiny bit scary for little ones. Rosie cried during the tense moments of the mouse nearly being eaten the first time she saw it but now begs to see it again!

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