Thursday, 24 November 2011

I like peas by Lorena Siminovich

This book caught my attention the other week on a website and I decided that I had to have it. I am a big fan of vegetables and the carrot on the cover was bound to be a winner with me but what I really love about this book is the clever simplicity. It uses vegetables to talk about opposites, showing a cross-section of the carrots growing so you see above and below the ground.

The design and artwork on this series is lovely and I'm guessing it's aiming right at the heart of the grow your own, organic brigade. Well I'm not particularly from that ilk, more of a haphazard gardener who buys organic if it's on offer type of person, but I still love it. I might even have to buy the rest of the series!

Of course it's aimed at young babies but Rosie still seems to enjoy it. Although she will tend to pick it up and look at it on her own rather than bring it to me to read and it doesn't hold her attention for ages so I wouldn't really recommend buying it for a child above eighteen months/two years old.

The sturdy format and the nice big touch feel areas make it perfect for a younger baby to explore, tactiles can really help sensory development. This was really brought home to me when I noticed Rosie at around nine months touching different textures to see how they felt and experimenting with the rough, smooth and furry feel of them. It's so exciting when you can see a child learning and experimenting in front of you!

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