Monday, 21 November 2011

Mr Gumpy's Outing by John Burningham

This is just a beautiful picture book. The artwork is sublime and the story is lovely. Ah! enough said, I'm done!

Ok then for anyone who hasn't read it before, it's an oldie but that's part of the charm and the simple story and illustrations are timeless. Mr Gumpy lives in a house by a river and one morning decides to go on his boat, he gathers up many friends on his way and they all set off together. The culmination of the boat tipping over is beautifully set up and it's one of those books where the text and illustrations work seamlessly together to provide a great reading experience.

It's perfect from around 18 months/ 2 years and upwards. Rosie loves it and it's a book that she frequently requests, we tend to make the animal noises as we go through it - just because it's funny and my goat impressions are something pretty special.

If you're a big fan of John Burningham's artwork it might interest you to know that there's currently an exhibition of his work at the Fleming Gallery in London.

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