Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Princess Poppy by Janey Louise Jones

Princess Poppy is not my favourite book series to read to Rosie but she loves it and so I think it would be unfair editing on my part not to mention them on this blog!

We have several of the Princess Poppy's 'The Birthday', 'Twinkletoes', 'The Fair Day Ball' and 'The Play'. There is also one called 'The Wedding' which we must get since Rosie loves weddings! Possibly something to do with having been a flower girl four times in her short life so far!

Princess Poppy is a bit of a spoilt brat to be honest! She's impatient for her birthday presents on her birthday and gets in a grump that no one is up and about before breakfast to make a big fuss of her. She has loads of treats at the fair and then wants a pretty dress that she has no money for and doesn't want to work for it. She wants to boss everyone about during 'The Play' and watch them work while she does nothing. She gets impatient when she Twinkletoes the pony isn't well enough to ride. And worst of all she gets to do everything she wants in the end! Not without learning a few life lessons but she is indulged and spoilt most of the way! I think this might be why Rosie loves the books!

So not my choice but if you have a little girl then she'll probably love them!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Mog The Forgetful Cat by Judith Kerr

Mog is a true classic children's picture book and instantly recognisable. We've been reading it non-stop recently and I can honestly say I don't really get tired of it. Rosie certainly doesn't!

The story follows Mog the cat who is a little silly and forgetful. She very often forgets that she has a cat flap and instead sits outside the kitchen window and meows to be let back in. This drives her owners a bit potty and they are constantly saying 'bother that cat'. One day she has a very bad day and ends up running outside to the garden after bedtime and getting locked out (although if she remembers she has a cat flap she would realise she isn't!). Then she notices a light moving inside the house and meows her biggest meow to be let back in. But it isn't a member of the family she's disturbed - it's a burglar! Mog ends up being the heroine of the hour and saves the day.

There are little touches which I really like throughout this book. The scene with the policeman, family and burglar at the end really makes me chuckle with the downcast burglar drinking a cup of tea alongside everyone.

It's one of our current favourites and I think it will probably stay that way! Pretty good for a book that was originally published in 1970!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Worst Princess by Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie

The Worst Princess has become a firm favourite in our house in a very short space of time. Partly because it features a princess, a prince and a dragon. Good stock characters that tick all of Rosie's boxes! But also because it's funny, a good story and gorgeous artwork. It makes me wish I could draw half as well!

I love this book because it's about an anti-princess. She doesn't want to be pretty and sit around in dresses and wait for her prince to come back. She wants to be out having fun, preferably with her pal the dragon! With my darling daughter completely obsessed with the colour pink and wearing pretty dresses I'm glad there is a book to show her that being a bit of a tomboy can be a lot more fun. I'm sure she'll find that out for herself anyway but it's a refreshing read!

The rhyming text is great too, with lots of references to tea! It's really funny that the Princess is called Sue (it definitely helps the rhyme along!) and can't stand her prince who's rescued her - he is a rubbish prince, admittedly. There are quite a lot of picture books that turn the myth and legend of fairy tales around and I think this is one that really works!