Thursday, 23 August 2012

Mog The Forgetful Cat by Judith Kerr

Mog is a true classic children's picture book and instantly recognisable. We've been reading it non-stop recently and I can honestly say I don't really get tired of it. Rosie certainly doesn't!

The story follows Mog the cat who is a little silly and forgetful. She very often forgets that she has a cat flap and instead sits outside the kitchen window and meows to be let back in. This drives her owners a bit potty and they are constantly saying 'bother that cat'. One day she has a very bad day and ends up running outside to the garden after bedtime and getting locked out (although if she remembers she has a cat flap she would realise she isn't!). Then she notices a light moving inside the house and meows her biggest meow to be let back in. But it isn't a member of the family she's disturbed - it's a burglar! Mog ends up being the heroine of the hour and saves the day.

There are little touches which I really like throughout this book. The scene with the policeman, family and burglar at the end really makes me chuckle with the downcast burglar drinking a cup of tea alongside everyone.

It's one of our current favourites and I think it will probably stay that way! Pretty good for a book that was originally published in 1970!

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  1. I love this book, one of my favourites from when I was a child too!