Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dogs don't do Ballet by Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie

We've recently discovered the wonderful partnership of author Anna Kemp and illustrator Sara Ogilvie.  We can't stop reading Dogs don't do Ballet! It could be to do with the fact that Rosie adores her Baby Ballet class! But it's also because it's a funny story and the illustrations are lovely.

The story features a little girl and her dog called Biff. Biff always wants to come when she goes to her ballet classes, in fact he even gatecrashes a class only to be told that 'dogs don't do ballet'. When she gets tickets to see the ballet for her birthday she wants to take Biff but isn't allowed. But while she's at the ballet the prima ballerina's place is taken by... you've guessed it, Biff! He wows the audience and proves everyone wrong by showing that dogs can do ballet.

It's a great quirky tale and there are more to look out for from this duo. We haven't read Rhinos don't eat Pancakes yet but it's on our list and The Worst Princess (not out until August but we've had a sneak peek) is wonderful.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Scruffy Bear and the Six White Mice by Chris Wormell

Scruffy Bear and the Six White Mice by Chris Wormell is a beautiful picture book, both in terms of the story and the artwork. It recently won the Red House Children's book award in the younger category and since this award is voted for by children it shows that it hits the spot! We've been enjoying reading this a lot although I think it is a little too old for Rosie and will resonate more with children three years and up.

Scruffy Bear is going for a walk at dusk when he hears a squeaking noise of some animals in distress from just inside the wood. He ventures inside and finds six white mice terrified that they are going to be eaten so he takes them under his wing. First they are stopped by Owl who wonders what the six white fluffy balls could be that Scruffy Bear has with him, snowballs, answers Scruffy Bear and Owl nods wisely and goes on his way. Next they are stopped by Fox and then finally by Snake. Each time Scruffy Bear comes up with an ingenious explanation for the six fluffy balls. But do they get away with it?! You'll have to read it to find out!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Peppa Pig Little Library

Now I'm not going to try and claim that Peppa Pig is up there with the best children's books but we do have a few of the books and I think that this format is a brilliant one for taking out and about.
Rosie has been going through the Peppa Pig stage for quite a while now. I've been told it's a stage every child goes through and you just have to wait it out. I must admit I don't mind too much. I quite like the TV series, although why can't they be longer than five minutes?! I even have a favourite episode!

The little library is a format that lots of publishers use, mainly for series that have already done well and especially for TV or film tie-ins. Because of the size of the mini books the content is usually pretty basic but they work and I find that kids really like the way the books are so tiny.

The Peppa Pig Little Library has six books: Peppa at Playgroup, Peppa's Friends, Peppa's Garden, Peppa's Favourite Things, Peppa at Home and Peppa's Family. I think Rosie's favourite is probably Peppa's Friends since she likes to name all the different characters. Favourite Things is a hit too. It signs off with Peppa's most favourite thing of all - muddy puddles! Rosie loves to shout this out at the top of her voice! The books can be flipped over and used as a puzzle to form a picture of the Peppa Pig family in a muddy puddle. All in all for £4.99 it's great value!