Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Scruffy Bear and the Six White Mice by Chris Wormell

Scruffy Bear and the Six White Mice by Chris Wormell is a beautiful picture book, both in terms of the story and the artwork. It recently won the Red House Children's book award in the younger category and since this award is voted for by children it shows that it hits the spot! We've been enjoying reading this a lot although I think it is a little too old for Rosie and will resonate more with children three years and up.

Scruffy Bear is going for a walk at dusk when he hears a squeaking noise of some animals in distress from just inside the wood. He ventures inside and finds six white mice terrified that they are going to be eaten so he takes them under his wing. First they are stopped by Owl who wonders what the six white fluffy balls could be that Scruffy Bear has with him, snowballs, answers Scruffy Bear and Owl nods wisely and goes on his way. Next they are stopped by Fox and then finally by Snake. Each time Scruffy Bear comes up with an ingenious explanation for the six fluffy balls. But do they get away with it?! You'll have to read it to find out!

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