Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Egg Drop by Mini Grey

We love a Mini Grey book in our house, in fact Biscuit Bear is actually our favourite and I'm going to do a post on that soon. We're just waiting to make our own biscuit bears to photograph for the blog and then we'll be away!

Anyway Egg Drop! It's a cautionary tale of an egg who wanted to fly and thought that the simplest way would be to get up really high and jump. You can imagine the outcome. SPLAT!

Rosie adores this book, she calls it 'the Chicken one' and shakes her head at the egg when I read about its dream of flying. 'No egg, no!' There's nothing a toddler likes than being cleverer than someone or able to tell someone how to do something so I guess that's part of the satisfaction for her.

Then she really likes to discuss in depth why the egg shell can't be mended by chewing gum, nails and screws, string, sewing, plasters, sellotape or tomato soup (her personal favourite). And she's fascinated by the endpapers with the chicks hatching. I think we'll be taking a visit to a farm to watch an incubator next Spring!

It's a lovely book, quirky, fun, short text (good for 18 months plus I'd say) and incredible illustrations.

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