Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Mini Scientist - In the Kitchen by Lisa Burke

Rosie was taken to a science event for kids by my husband earlier this year and was completely bowled over by it. As he commented 'she thinks it's all magic and a show' (two of her current loves!) but we're keen to foster this interest and so when I saw Mini Scientist - In the Kitchen at the library yesterday I decided to get it out. 

It's a DK book and similar to a cookbook layout with good explanatory text and helpful photos to show you what to do. There are some really fun experiments and a lot of them don't require many materials. We tried making an egg float yesterday and all you need for that is a container, an egg, water and some salt. There's another good one using balloons to learn about static electricity. 

It's nice to see a book like this out on the shelves (although since this particular title is out of print then it won't be everywhere!) because as the parent of an inquisitive four (nearly five) year old this gives some great ideas about things we can do together and hopefully is going to make her think of science as an exciting and interesting subject as she grows up. 

Unfortunately the Mini Scientist In the Kitchen is no longer in print (although you can get it second hand), they do have a few titles in the series though In the Garden and Water Fun and My Body are on their website and I think we might give them a try next! There's also a book called Science Experiments by Robert Winston which I'm going to keep an eye out for, although I think it's probably better for older children. Happy experimenting!

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