Tuesday, 1 April 2014

100 First Animals by Little Tiger Kids

I was given this book by Little Tiger Books last year as part of their parent panel testing out books and doing reviews but at the time my youngest was 9 months so a bit little and my nearly 4 year old didn't seem that keen. So I didn't review it because I didn't have much to say!
But now! My 18th month old adores this book. It has umpteen flaps on each page with loads of different animals and because her language is exploding at the moment she's really interested in sounding out the animal names.

The flaps are integrated so much harder for little hands to pull off and the book is arranged thematically so you have 'farm animals', 'jungle animals', 'desert animals', 'pets' etc. Each flap lifts to show a close up, or maybe a mother and baby, of the animal pictured on the top. It's not the greatest surprise in the world but for this age group it works nicely.

It's a big sturdy book which uses photos instead of artwork and I think it works very well. There is something very cute about watching a toddler lug around a big book and then plonk themselves (usually right in your way!) and sit and read it totally absorbed.

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