Sunday, 23 March 2014

Monkey Nut by Simon Rickerty

This book has captivated my 18 month old. My four year old also loves it. I don't totally understand why the toddler adores it so much but I think it must be to do with the minimal text and slapstick humour!
It did however win the Roald Dahl funny prize in 2013. I do enjoy reading it since the minimal text and the amount happening in the illustrations lends itself to reading it in a very silly way. I always add 'CRUNCH!' when the elephant steps on the big black spider.

The design is quite clean and graphic, using photos (of the monkey nut) and illustrating the spiders. It's good fun! But it has made me realise I must buy some monkey nuts to show the girls since they've never had them - I know, deprivation in its worst form.

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