Thursday, 1 December 2011

Father Christmas Needs a Wee by Nicholas Allan

A funny, irreverent picture book from Nicholas Allan with counting, Christmas and toilet humour. What's not to like when you're winding your toddler up about Christmas, thinking about potty training and constantly counting things with her?!

I might do a Christmas books post as well but this really deserves its own post since we're reading it a lot at the moment.

The premise is very simple, Father Christmas goes from house to house drinking drinks which have been left out for him. Then he realises he's forgotten to leave the presents and has to go back, counting backwards as he goes. Eventually he's able to return home and rush to the loo but he's lost his key. Will Father Christmas get his wee?!

Lovely text, funny illustrations and a great ending make this a fantastic Christmas picture book. Enjoy!


  1. This book was a great hit at Christmas for my three year old, Isla. She loved the rhymes and the counting element. I think she was very attracted by the irreverence about wee and that Father Christmas was so increasingly desperate. We are still reading this in February!

  2. Yes I think it's the perfect Christmas book for 2/3 years. We read it countless times. Funny how children really don't care if somethings unseasonal. We're reading Dear Santa (Rod Campbell's Christmas Dear Zoo) a lot at the moment.